Liquor Liability

Oregon Commercial Lines – Year in Review

Smith Freed Eberhard Partners Jeff Eberhard and Bill Taaffe discuss major cases of the past year in Oregon, with a focus on Commercial Lines claims management during this one hour presentation.

Why Watch This Webinar?

This webinar is designed for claims professionals and provides a basic overview of significant cases over the last year and their impact on Commercial Lines claims management. This webinar will prepare you to handle claims in Oregon touching on: timber trespass; liquor liability; noneconomic damages; and other topics.

Key Points Presented Include:

  • (HB 4212) Extends the statute of limitations indefinitely on most civil claims due to COVID-19.
  • (Busch v. McInnis) Holds Oregon’s $500,000 noneconomic damages cap unconstitutional as applied to claims other than those for wrongful death.
  • (La Costita III) Opens the door to claims against social hosts when the host is operating in dual roles, such as employer and social host.
  • (Bighorn Logging Corp.) Examines ambiguities in intentional act exclusions in the context of intentional timber trespass.
  • (Porter v. Veenhuisen) Provides that once a trial date has been set, the plaintiff’s unpreparedness for trial is no excuse to postpone.
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