This Is the Easy Part.
Though actually the rest will be easy, too. SFE is all about finding simpler, better ways to do things. Tell us more about your situation and we will have the right advocate contact you to discuss how we may be able to help.

We make it painless.

Because you’ve already experienced enough pain with the situation at hand. We’re the antidote to all of that: smart, efficient, and dedicated to thinking differently about how law is practiced and how disputes can be effectively resolved.

What’s the problem?

All we need from you right now is a basic idea of the legal issue you’re facing.

Then when it comes time to get a few more details, we’ll introduce you to the SFE team, our proprietary systems, flexible tools, and expert analysis, and work with you to map out the ideal strategic plan – refining as we go – until we’ve steered your case to the best possible outcome.

So let’s get started.

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is a raving fan customer
Steve and I appreciated your tenacity and thoroughness in uncovering and understanding the details and bringing this lawsuit to a settlement.
L. Pollock
I was very pleased with my attorney and the outcome. Basically everything happened the way she said it would from the very first appointment I had with her.
S. Seibold
Insured to All State Insurance
Our company appreciates the professional services offered by you and we are very satisfied with the full efforts made by you in the resolution of this case. Thank you very much and we will sure refer others to your office.
R. Patel
Insured to Magna Carta Companies
Great law firm to work with, very responsive and availability on short notice.
B. Yartz
Ohio Casualty Group
The service was very supportive. I want to thank all the people who helped me – very dedicated & helpful. Thank you.
M. Menchaca
I found it easy to be completely open and attempt to work a solution. Since I was sued by the person who hit me, I felt angry and overwhelmed, but willing to try to work things out to avoid escalating cost and work for the insurance company, the attorneys and especially for me. She was patient and attentive to me.
L. Clayton
Insured to All State Insurance
I believe your firm does excellent work. My experience with your firm has been nothing but positive.
S. Perry
Kemper Auto and Home
I enjoyed working with Bob Smith. He was most helpful in resolving a difficult case.
D. Reitzel
Ohio Casualty Group
I was totally impressed with Ryan McLellan’s ability to get this claim settled. I didn’t think that was possible on this case.
D. Sand
Austin Mutual
Not only did your firm’s services meet and possibly exceed our expectations with regard to this claim, but it appears as if counsel for the insured was also “impressed.”
C. Thielbar
Country Companies
I work nationwide with many different defense firms and attorneys. I would rank your firm in the top three, if not at the top.
T. Reichwald