Every Problem Has A Solution
Early Evaluation and Data Driven Phase Budgeting United with a Focus on Early Resolution Is Why Our Clients Send Us Thank You Cards.
Who Are We

Trial Lawyers, Advocates, Thought Leaders and Problem Solvers. We Provide the Resources of a Large Law Firm While Treating Each Case and Insured as a Unique Set of Circumstances and Defining the Most Beneficial Outcome for Both.

You Are the Architect…
Of Your Own Fortune.
Opportunity Awaits You Within the Halls of Smith Freed Eberhard. Are You Ready to Take It? We Are a Firm That Believes in Legal Mastery, Innovation, Deep Relationships and That Every Problem Has a Solution. Are You Looking for a Firm with a Vision and Purpose? Say Hello to Smith Freed and Eberhard.
Who Do We Help?

Insurance Carriers, Claims Professionals, Self-Insured Businesses, Corporate Risk Managers, Managing General Agents, Third Party Administrators, Agents and Brokers – Who Have Litigation Issues to Resolve, and Desire Skilled and Efficient Advocates That Have a Proven History of Producing the Best Possible Outcomes.

Talk Is Cheap.
Our Results Do the Talking
We Back Our Results Up by Providing Claims Professionals with Performance and Litigation Guideline Analytics Dashboards. We Believe in Show and Prove.