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, , Is a Bicyclist a Pedestrian? The Washington Supreme Court Says Yes Wednesday January 20, 2021 By: Josh Hayward
, Qualified for Recreational Use Immunity? You May Still be Liable Thursday January 7, 2021 By: Firm Authorship
Steering Wheel , , UIM Benefits for Non-Relative Passenger? Denied! Wednesday December 30, 2020 By: Cliff Wilson
“Cancel Culture” – Not in Oregon! At Least When it Comes to Insurance Policies: Two Insurance Companies Fined. Wednesday December 16, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
Safe Harbor Letter , , Washington’s Made Whole Doctrine Majorly Expanded Wednesday December 9, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
Washington Case Update , , , Is a Driver Responsible for an Auto Accident if They Lose Consciousness Behind the Wheel? Tuesday December 1, 2020 By: Thomas McCurdy
Year in Review Commercial Lines , , Insurers Are Afforded Safe Harbor Protection From Attorney Fees Even if the Insured Claims that the Insurer’s Failure to Settle was Unreasonable or in Bad Faith Thursday November 19, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, , , Oregon Court of Appeals Confirms that Plaintiffs Have the Burden to Prove Damages Should be Allocated in Multiple Accident Scenarios. Thursday November 12, 2020 By: Cliff Wilson
Misrepresentations During the Rental Application Process Do Not Preclude a Tenant from Rights and Remedies Under the ORLTA Friday November 6, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , , A Contractor May Be Able to Escape Liability for Construction Defects but Only if the Defects Solely Resulted from the Deficient Plans or Specifications Wednesday October 28, 2020 By: Michael Staskiews
, Oregon Court of Appeals Determines That Even if a Condition Takes Time to Cause Maximum Damage, the Passage of Time Does Not Necessarily Mean That an Instrumentality Will Not Be Considered to Be “Direct and Immediate.” Friday October 23, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, , New Life Given to Offers to Allow Judgment Tuesday October 13, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, Evidently Intoxicated: A Discussion of BAC Readings as Evidence in Support of a Complete Defense to Claims for Personal Injury Under RCW 5.40.060 Wednesday September 30, 2020 By: Thomas McCurdy
, Washington Supreme Court Reminds Insurers That the Benefit of the Doubt is Not Theirs in Questions of Coverage Denial Monday September 21, 2020 By: Kyle Riley
, , , Oregon Court of Appeals determines whether an insurance company can allege comparative fault in a UIM claim and still enjoy the protection of its safe harbor letter. Thursday September 17, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, Washington Court of Appeals Considers Whether a Cyclist Qualifies as a Pedestrian to Receive PIP Benefits Thursday September 10, 2020 By: Josh Hayward