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Legal Alert Negligence When Must a University Protect a Student from Harm Inflicted by a Third Party? Tuesday July 2, 2024 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Bad Faith Violation of the Oregon Insurance Code Sufficient to Give Rise to First-Party Claim for Emotional Distress Damages Wednesday June 5, 2024 By: Melanie Rose
Legal Alert Civil Procedure The Washington State Supreme Court Rejects the Apex Doctrine Tuesday April 2, 2024 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Negligence Plaintiff’s Preexisting Medical Condition Does Not Always Require The “Substantial Factor” Jury Instruction Thursday February 22, 2024 By: Josh Hayward
Legal Alert Jobsite Injury Premises Liability When is a Landowner Allowed to Delegate the Duty of Care to an Independent Contractor to Ensure Others’ Safety? Wednesday January 3, 2024 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Negligence Can a Medical Professional be Liable to a Patient’s Caregiver? Tuesday October 10, 2023 By: Melanie Gillette
Legal Alert Attorney Fees UM/UIM Are Your Pre-Litigation UIM Investigations and Negotiations Setting You Up for Potential Attorney Fee Awards and Costs if Subsequent Litigation is Filed? Wednesday September 13, 2023 By: Ashley Nagrodski
Legal Alert Breach of Contract Insurance Defense Surprise Scope Changes: How a Resulting Loss Clause Can Bring Unexpected Damage Back into Coverage Wednesday July 26, 2023 By: Firm Authorship
Legal Alert Commercial Liability Defense Premises Liability Don’t Walk on Thin Ice: The Defense of Implied Primary Assumption of the Risk May Render Unavailable in Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Cases Thursday June 8, 2023 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Construction & Development Statute of Limitations A Contractual Defect: Washington Supreme Court Rules Contractual Time-Limitation Provision Unenforceable in Construction Defect Case Thursday May 25, 2023 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Negligence Premises Liability Procedure Plead it or Weep: You Can’t Assert a New Theory of Liability in Response to a Motion for Summary Judgment Thursday May 18, 2023 By: Josh Hayward
Legal Alert General Litigation Washington Supreme Court Examines the Use of Racial Bias in a Civil Jury Trial Thursday April 20, 2023 By: Joy Lee
Legal Alert General Liability Procedure Millay Preserved: Washington Court Rules No New Standard for Equitable Tolling Tuesday April 11, 2023 By: Firm Authorship
Legal Alert Arbitration General Liability The Court Needs Your Autograph: Washington Court Rules A Party Must Personally Sign Requests for Trial De Novo in Arbitration Thursday April 6, 2023 By: Firm Authorship
Legal Alert Negligence Oregon Court of Appeals Rules Special Relationship Required for Purely “Psychic Damages” in Negligence Claims Wednesday February 1, 2023 By: Melanie Rose
Legal Alert Products Liability When Can a Claimant Sue a Retailer In Lieu of a Product Manufacturer and Who Has The Burden Proof Under the Washington Products Liability Act (“WPLA”)? Wednesday January 18, 2023 By: Brian Schiewe