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Legal Alert Negligence Oregon Court of Appeals Rules Special Relationship Required for Purely “Psychic Damages” in Negligence Claims Wednesday February 1, 2023 By: Melanie Rose
Legal Alert Products Liability When Can a Claimant Sue a Retailer In Lieu of a Product Manufacturer and Who Has The Burden Proof Under the Washington Products Liability Act (“WPLA”)? Wednesday January 18, 2023 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert General Litigation Policy Interpretation Washington Supreme Court Analyzes Coverage in Tunnel Litigation Tuesday January 17, 2023 By: Paul Sheely
Legal Alert Negligence Of Horse and Man: Can a Malnourished Horse Sue Its Owner? Friday January 13, 2023 By: Josh Hayward
Legal Alert General Litigation Negligence Not All Spoliation Spoils A Claim Wednesday December 14, 2022 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Arbitration General Liability Fun with Arbitration: Washington Rules LLC’s Bound to the Arbitration Clauses in Their Own Operating Agreements Friday November 18, 2022 By: Gordon Klug
Legal Alert Arbitration General Liability An Interest in Interest: Arbitration and Post-Judgment Interest Under ORS 82.010   Wednesday November 9, 2022 By: Melanie Rose
Legal Alert General Liability Policy Interpretation Does Covid-19 Trigger Coverage under a Property Insurance Policy? Thursday November 3, 2022 By: Gordon Klug
Legal Alert Jobsite Injury Premises Liability Delegating a Duty of Care: When Can a Land Owner Delegate a Duty to Keep Others Safe to an Independent Contractor? Thursday October 20, 2022 By: Brian Schiewe
Legal Alert Negligence By Failing to Fully Admit Liability, The Door to Distracted Driving Evidence (Cell Phone Use), May Be Opened Monday October 10, 2022 By: Jeff Eberhard
Legal Alert Jobsite Injury Negligence What Risks Are Assumed in Construction Work and When Can It Bar Recovery? Monday October 3, 2022 By: Kyle Riley
Legal Alert Construction & Development General Liability Time’s Up: Washington Rules Some Nonretroactive Insurance Policies Unenforceable Monday September 19, 2022 By: Gordon Klug
Legal Alert Personal Injury Wrongful Death Oregon’s Wrongful Death Statute and ORCP 44C: Who is a “Party”? Thursday September 8, 2022 By: Melanie Rose
Legal Alert Jobsite Injury Maintaining Safe Workplaces: Whose Duty Is It? Wednesday August 31, 2022 By: Gordon Klug
Legal Alert Commercial Liability Defense Sexual Misconduct Schools Are Held to A Higher Standard of Duty When It Comes to the Safety of Students, But Plaintiffs Must Still Prove That Risk of Harm was Foreseeable Thursday August 25, 2022 By: Cliff Wilson
Legal Alert Arbitration General Litigation Savings Clauses as Life Savers: How to Resuscitate a Contract Tuesday August 16, 2022 By: Josh Hayward