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Premises Liability: Oregon Expands the Application of Comparative Fault Thursday July 29, 2021 By: Sean Conner
, , Washington Supreme Court Says Termination of a Contract, Not for Default, Equals a Termination for Convenience Wednesday July 21, 2021 By: Ashley Nagrodski
, You Didn’t Start the Fire, but Does that Mean the Insurer has to Pay Out? Wednesday July 7, 2021 By: Melanie Rose
, Limitless: How are Statutes of Limitations Tolled When the Cause of Action is Concealed? Monday July 5, 2021 By: William Taaffe
, Is UIM Coverage for Claimants in Insured Vehicles on the Horizon in Oregon? Monday July 5, 2021 By: Cliff Wilson
, A Substantial Benefit Leads to Substantial Fees Monday July 5, 2021 By: William Taaffe
, Don’t Just WISHA that Your Evidence Will Speak for Itself: Washington Court of Appeals Dismisses the Need to Re-Weigh the Value of Substantial Evidence Tuesday May 25, 2021 By: Gordon Klug
, , Premises Liability: The Impact of the “Going or Coming” Rule on Tort Liability Wednesday May 19, 2021 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , Pit Bull Attack: Is Landlord Liable for Dog Bite on Leased Property? Monday May 10, 2021 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , If you Sail Out of the Safe Harbor, Expect to Pay the Price (in Attorney Fees) Wednesday April 28, 2021 By: Cliff Wilson
Do Hospitals Owe a Duty to Protect Others Against Violence of a One-Time Patient? Monday April 19, 2021 By: Brian Schiewe
Oregon Supreme Court Says an Insurer’s Duty to Defend Cannot be Contracted Away. Tuesday April 13, 2021 By: Josh Hayward
, , Can a School District Escape Liability for a Student’s Death? Tuesday March 30, 2021 By: Thomas McCurdy
, , ZOMBIE LAW – Who Can Sue for Tortious Interference With a Dead Body? Tuesday March 30, 2021 By: Gordon Klug
Don’t Have the Evidence? What Happens if You Pretend To? Monday March 22, 2021 By: Jeff Eberhard
, Killed While Committing a Felony – What Proof is Required to Escape a Wrongful Death Suit? Wednesday March 17, 2021 By: Thomas McCurdy