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You Didn’t Start the Fire, but Does that Mean the Insurer has to Pay Out?
Legal Alert
From the desk of Melanie Rose: Oregon denies a plaintiff’s claim for breach of contract related to fire insurance and ultimately grants the insurance company’s motion for summary judgment. Claims Pointer: Here, a defendant insurance carrier investigated a claim related…
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Wednesday July 7, 2021 By: Melanie Rose
Washington’s Made Whole Doctrine Majorly Expanded
Legal Alert
From the desk of Josh Hayward: Washington’s Made Whole Doctrine establishes that a person with insurance must be fully reimbursed for their losses, or “made whole,” before the person’s insurance company can take from any third-party recovery proceeds to recoup…
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Wednesday December 9, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
4th and 10… An Improbable Comeback Win at the Washington Court of Appeals
Success Story
Claims Alleged: Appeal from Summary Judgment Dismissal of Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easement Claims The Overview: Smith Freed Eberhard partner, Ashley Nagrodski, and associate, Jessica Kamish, achieved a compelling win for their clients in the Washington Court of Appeals when the…
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Tuesday December 1, 2020 By: Firm Authorship
Oregon Case Law Update: Oregon Supreme Court Limits Claims Based on Abuse of Vulnerable Persons
Legal Alert
Oregon Case Law Update: Oregon Supreme Court Limits Claims Based on Abuse of Vulnerable Persons From the desk of Bill Taaffe: Oregon’s statute on abuse of vulnerable persons (ORS 124.110)—here, elderly persons—provides plaintiffs with a claim against a person who wrongfully,…
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Wednesday February 14, 2018 By: William Taaffe
Oregon Case Update: Examination Under Oath may be a Requirement for Insured to File Suit
Legal Alert
From the desk of Jeff Eberhard: An examination under oath (“EUO”) is one of the most useful tools available to insurers to investigate a claim. However, what happens when the insured refuses or delays the EUO and files suit? A…
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Wednesday April 30, 2014 By: Jeff Eberhard
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