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, , New Life Given to Offers to Allow Judgment Tuesday October 13, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, Evidently Intoxicated: A Discussion of BAC Readings as Evidence in Support of a Complete Defense to Claims for Personal Injury Under RCW 5.40.060 Wednesday September 30, 2020 By: Thomas McCurdy
, Washington Supreme Court Reminds Insurers That the Benefit of the Doubt is Not Theirs in Questions of Coverage Denial Monday September 21, 2020 By: Kyle Riley
, , , Oregon Court of Appeals determines whether an insurance company can allege comparative fault in a UIM claim and still enjoy the protection of its safe harbor letter. Thursday September 17, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, Washington Court of Appeals Considers Whether a Cyclist Qualifies as a Pedestrian to Receive PIP Benefits Thursday September 10, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, , Washington Court of Appeals Addresses when a Construction Contract Can and Cannot be Terminated Without a Remedy Period Wednesday August 26, 2020 By: Michael Staskiews
, , , , , Oregon Supreme Court Issues Final Determination – Oregon’s $500,000 Noneconomic Damages Cap is Gone, at Least for Those Not Gone. Monday August 17, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , , , When Good Lawyers go Bad: Washington Supreme Court Defines “Substantially Related” Within The Washington Rules of Professional Conduct Wednesday August 12, 2020 By: Gordon Klug
, , , Washington Supreme Court Finds that School Districts are Strictly Liable for their Employees’ Conduct under the WLAD and that Intentional Sexual Misconduct Constitutes Discrimination for Purposes of the WLAD Friday July 17, 2020 By: Thomas McCurdy
, , , , Oregon Extends Statutory Limitations Period on Most Civil Claims Due to COVID-19 Thursday July 16, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , , , Oregon Court of Appeals Determines That PIP/Health Insurance Reimbursement Statutes Apply to a Company That Contracted to Serve as a Third-Party Administrator for the Oregon Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Thursday July 16, 2020 By: Jeff Eberhard
, , , Washington Will Soon Require Insurers to Inform their Washington Insureds of the Availability of Agency Assistance Tuesday July 14, 2020 By: Jean Kang
, , , , Washington Supreme Court Holds That an Insurance Company Agent with Authority Can Bind the Insurance Company to Provide Coverage Friday May 29, 2020 By: Kyle Riley
, , Washington Supreme Court Strengthens the State’s Made Whole Doctrine – Drawing Lines as to Where an Insured has Truly Been “Made Whole.” Tuesday May 26, 2020 By: William Taaffe
Washington Supreme Court Bars Bad Faith and CPA Claims Against Adjuster Tuesday May 12, 2020 By: Josh Hayward
, , Washington Court of Appeals Confirms that the Tolling Provisions of RCW 4.16.190 in Minor Personal Injury Actions are Person-Specific and Only Apply to the Claim(s) of a Minor – They do not Extend to the Minor’s Parents Monday May 4, 2020 By: Kyle Riley